Urban Detroit Wholesalers provides more than just a great deal on a Detroit investment property. Our homes are carefully selected from thousands of houses for sale in Detroit for specific locations that provide the best rental environment, the most desirable houses for tenants, and the best houses for long term growth.

We buy houses in specific areas because of census data, demographics, City of Detroit planning, and desirability. While there are cheaper areas in Detroit to buy, there are not any better areas to invest. Years of experience and year of research have found the best areas for maximal current cash flow and future growth.

Our company differs from many in that we make a commitment to your success. We don’t leave rehabs, contractors, property management or other key aspects of your investment up to chance. We provide you with the contacts to the professionals that we use on our investment properties and we manage the rehab for you. Successful Detroit investors means a successful Detroit and we are dedicated to Detroit.

One of our partners is the non-profit Motor City Blight Busters. They have a mission to remove blight from the City of Detroit and work with us on many projects in beatifying neighborhoods that we work in, providing houses, and providing tenants and buyers.

For more information, go to our Detroit foreclosure real estate site for great wholesale deals and visit our Detroit investment properties “how to” report on the secrets to investing in Detroit, Michigan.

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Jeremy Burgess
Urban Detroit Wholesalers

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